School/Business Partners

If you have heard “It takes a village to raise a child” the staff at Pierce agrees.  We have rewarding partnerships with the following community groups:

First Assembly Church:  Membership supports Pierce in preparing the school for students’ return in the fall.  We have some of the most beautiful grounds of any local school.  Teachers also receive “Welcome back” gifts for their classroom.  Church members partner in providing services and after school clubs to families who need it.

Lovely Lane Church:  Membership supports the Backpack program by picking up food, packing the backpacks, and even providing some of the funding.  Students whose family indicate they run short of food at home qualify to take a kid-friendly backpack of food home each week. 



Kindergarten science image

Kindergarten Science with Rockwell

Hands-on science experiments with groups of six students at a time.  Each class meets once per week and performs a different experiment for approximately 15 weeks.  Many Rockwell volunteers are used to support the program.