Mrs. Hubler, Art

picture of a dog drawing       picture of tucan drawing



Mission Statement:

The creative thinkers at Pierce School will use problem solving and creativity to make art that expresses their ideas and demonstrates learning. An appreciation for their own unique ideas as well as those of others will be gained. 

Parent Info:

Welcome to art at Pierce. Art is an important part of your child’s education. Through a study of the arts, students learn higher order thinking skills: critical thinking, analyzing, and decision-making. The arts are motivating and engaging and they assist students in learning appropriate and positive social/emotional skills. You can help your child have a successful art experience by 1) asking our child about the art lesson on art days – new vocabulary words, artists studied, what he/she is creating, etc. 2) demonstrating pride in your child’s artistic creations and recognizing that he or she IS and artist; 3) providing materials and space to create art at home; and 4) encouraging your child to do their personal best. 

Your child’s artwork will be sent home at conference times. 

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