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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

School/Business Partners

If you have heard “It takes a village to raise a child” the staff at Pierce agrees.  We have rewarding partnerships with the following community groups:

First Assembly Church:  Membership supports Pierce in preparing the school for students’ return in the fall.  We have some of the most beautiful grounds of any local school.  Teachers also receive “Welcome back” gifts for their classroom.  Church members partner in providing services and after school clubs to families who need it.

Lovely Lane Church:  Membership supports the Backpack program by picking up food, packing the backpacks, and even providing some of the funding.  Students whose family indicate they run short of food at home qualify to take a kid-friendly backpack of food home each week.  Church leaders and members partner with First Assembly church to provide an after school club at Cedarwood Apartments.  

Rockwell Collins K-12 program at Pierce

Rockwell Collins supports the K-12 program to promote math and science.  Marv Frerking and Art Roderick are Rockwell K-12 liaisons for Pierce school.  We obtain volunteers to support these projects from Rockwell employees and retirees.  The following are some of the past projects.




Rocketry grades 4-5

Build and launch air and water bottle rockets.  Study Newton’s Laws.  This has been a before school enrichment program

5th grade rocket launch with Rockwell Engineer, Tim Busch





Balance and Motion  Grade - 2

Six hands-on experiment stations demonstrating balance and motion are set up in the cafeteria so 4-5 students can work at each station.  Students rotate through the six stations in one hour.  Six Rockwell volunteers man the stations. Complements district lesson plan. 


World in Motion – Can Crusher - grade 5

Assist with in-class activities involved in studying simple machines.  Two Rockwell volunteers per class

Kindergarten Science - kindergarten

Hands-on science experiments with groups of six students at a time.  Each class meets once per week and performs a different experiment for approximately 15 weeks.  Many Rockwell volunteers are used to support the program.



Space Station Simulator - grade 4

In a one week period, the students construct a half scale space station and shuttle simulator out of polyurethane sheets and plastic pipes and then perform a simulated launch mission.  Many Rockwell volunteers are used to support the program.

Physics of sound - grade 3

In-class demonstration of sound using microphone, oscilloscope, and other props

Hearing impaired speaker - Grade 3

A hearing impaired or deaf person explains how he gets along in a hearing world.

Other Community Partner Projects

  • Rock and Read
  • Math Challenge
  • Chess Club
  • Eastern Iowa Arts Academy