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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Quality Tools

Fall Lotus


Open House Lotus


Nursery Rhyme Lotus


The Lotus

The lotus is used to organize and break down broad topics. The Lotus is a useful tool to make sure all aspects are being covered and addressed; to help students to organize their thinking before writing a paper or doing a research project; or to review the main points of a unit or topic.  In kindergarten a Lotus helps us to classify introductory ideas into our units of study, and we often use this tool as a culmination/review of our concepts we have learned.      


Data Center

Pierce Staff has been learning how to incorporate quality tools and processes to facilitate continuous improvement.  Kindergarten rooms have each created a data center bulletin board.  We have chosen six instructional skills for data collection.  These skills were chosen from the district kindergarten assessment, which is aligned with the Iowa standards and benchmarks.  Students can view the classroom progress on the bulletin board, as well as their individual achievement, which is recorded in their data notebooks.  Parents will view the data notebooks during the February conference.  You are welcome to look at the data center bulletin board at any time.


Flow Chart

What is it?  
A Flow Chart shows the major steps and sub-steps in a process.       
When is it used?  
Flow Charts are usually used for large or complex processes.
Why is it used?
Flow Charts:

  • Are simple to construct and easy to read.
  • Define the boundaries and key elements of a process.
  • Provide insight into how a process can be improved.
  • Identify major stages and help define sub-processes.
  • Provide overview of the process before decision points and rework loops are added.

Sample Uses:

Use Flow Charts to:

  • Manage large projects.
  • Understand the overall view of an event.
  • Document the sequence of activities throughout a day.