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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

FAQ Fles

What is FLES?

What is the intended scope of the program and what are the short and long term goals:

  • Short Term:  Vertical alignment and articulation K - 5.
  • Long Term:   Vertical alignment and articulation K – 12 with the opportunity for a five year language program at the secondary level.

What will the class structure be like?

  • 30 minutes every three days, with the classroom teacher observing for three years.

What research base has been used to develop the program?

  • American Council of Teachers of Foreign Language, (ACTFL).
  • Backward Design, Understanding By Design, Wiggins and McTighe.
  • Studies by Heining-Boynton, 1990; Lipton 1992 to maintain viability of the program.
  • Studies by Curtain & Pesola, 1994; Met, 1985; Met, 1989; Rosenbusch, 1991 are being used to help with several components of the structure of the FLES program. These include: scheduling, curriculum design, instructional materials, staffing, multiple entry points, student accessibility, language choice, and program articulation, coordination, and evaluation (Curtain & Pesola, 1994; Met, 1985; Met, 1989; Rosenbusch, 1991).
  • A recent study by Taylor and LaFayette (2010) regarding academic achievement through FLES.

Has there been adequate time to develop the program? 


  • Visits to existing FLES programs, both locally and regionally, (Des Moines, Cedar Falls, College Community, and Blue Valley, KS.)
  • A comprehensive hiring process to attract highly qualified candidates for the program is in place.
  • A curriculum development process is taking place this spring and summer to identify basic thematic content and language structures for the FLES Program.   SLE’s, I Can Statements, and an aligned Progress Report will be developed.

Who will be developing the curriculum?

A team of district staff comprised of:

  • Executive Administrator, Elementary Education
  • Continuous Improvement Staff
  • World Language Facilitator
  • ELL Facilitator and District PLC Leader(s
  • FLES Teachers
  • Secondary World Language Teacher(s)
  • District Kindergarten and First Grade Teacher(s)

Will articulation between secondary and elementary programs be a consideration?

  • Vertical articulation will take place by making sure that the curriculum is developed with input from elementary and secondary teachers.

What sort of experience/qualifications do the prospective teachers have in the teaching/study of Spanish?

  • Spanish Endorsement K-8
  • See Job Posting on District Employment Website

What is the plan for other languages?

At this time, there is no plan for other languages, but this does not preclude adding more languages in the future.