Pierce PBIS

Pierce implemented PBIS during the 2011-2012 school year. PBIS stands for positive behavioral interventions and supports.

There are three main components of PBIS. They are teaching appropriate behavior in common area settings, provide interventions when behavior expectations are not met, and recognizing students when behavior expectations are met.

PBIS has three core values: 

Be Respectful-some examples are following directions, keeping hands and feet to yourself, using appropriate language, and raising your hand.
Be Responsible-some examples are carrying a valid hall pass, and using equipment appropriately.
Be Safe-some examples include walking in a straight line in the hallway, entering and exiting an assembly quickly and quietly, and reporting any incidents.

Students are expected to honor these core values in various school related settings including the buses, hallways, assemblies, cafeteria, restrooms, and the playground.