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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Panther Rock Star Tickets

You Were Caught Being a Rock Star Panther!

1. Tickets will be given to students when they are “caught being a rock star panther”. 

2. Students will be recognized for appropriate behaviors such as (see matrix for other ideas):
    a. speaking in an appropriate tone of voice 
    b. walking in a straight line in the hallway
    c. waiting patiently in line in the cafeteria
    d. entering and exiting the bus appropriately
    e. entering the restroom without classroom items
    f. using outside equipment appropriately

3. All staff can recognize student behaviors with panther tickets including:
   a. Teachers 
   b. Substitute teachers
   c. Counselor 
   d. Principal
   e. Main office/media center staff 
   f. Bus drivers 
   g. Cafeteria staff 
   h. Custodians
   i. Associates

4. The student writes their first and last name on the back of the ticket, and then they place it in their classroom bucket. 

5. Friday mornings, one name from each class will be read over announcements. Each winner will get a certificate, their name posted on the bulletin board in the foyer and their name in the next newsletter. Two classrooms will be drawn for the classroom reward---which is determined by the class and classroom teacher. The traveling panther trophies will also be reward to that classroom for the week. 

6. All tickets will be placed in a container outside the office and when that is filled there will be a school wide reward/celebration.